You are welcome to walk, run, cycle, ride a horse or hunt for geocaches in Glen Tanar-responsibly! There are miles of paths:

  • Estate tracks - many suitable for horse or bike riding: remember, though, a good test is to look behind you- if you leave tracks, then the surface is not suitable, so you are not being responsible.
  • Footpaths - the paths along the riverside downstream of the Visitor Centre, on the Juniper Trail, and through the Dinnet Oakwood,  are grassy in many places, so not suitable for bikes or horses. They will cut up badly when wet.
  • The Juniper Trail, whilst on a slope, is relatively smooth. It also has frequent seats, and a panorama viewpoint and information boards. So it is an easier  walk, with much interest, for young children or the less active.

Longer walks are also available - the Mounth and Firmounth drove roads  lead over the hills to Angus. These are serious high level walks, as is the ascent of Mount Keen.

Please keep your dog on a short lead or close at heel during the bird breeding season, April-July: oystercatchers and capercaillie lay their eggs on the ground, and so are vulnerable. There’s a tap on the outside of the Visitor Centre, so your dog can get a drink.

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